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Registration 2019-2020

Soon, you can register for our Youth Education programs online. 
We are in the process of developing the registration. Please check back-in, in mid-late June, 2019.
Before you get started, here are some things you should know…

PTS Member?

You need to be a current PTS member in good standing.
(If you’re not and you submit a registration, it’ll go through but we won’t be able to process it.)

Not sure if your membership is current? Contact the main office.


One Per Child

You’ll need to complete the registration form separately for each child. You’ll also need a current photo of each child handy, so make sure you have those before starting the registration process.

Payment Options

At the end of the form, we’ll verify the tuition that will be billed through your Temple account.

(And if you need to make different arrangements, you’ll have that option, too. Just make sure to be in touch with Rabbi Molly first.)


It's Secure

Our online registration form is built using the highest-level security protocols available. We’re using the latest TLS/SSL technology.

(That means your personal information is about as safe as we can make it.)


Learn More

Got questions about our programs? Find out more before signing-up.


Financial Aid

No student will be turned away from our education programs for financial reasons. Please contact Rabbi Molly Plotnik, Director of Education (rabbiplotnik@sholom.org or 650-697-5579) for more information.

(Already been in touch? Get started on the financial aid application by downloading the 2018-2019 Scholarship Form.)

Early Birds

Signing up early helps us plan for next year. It helps us so much that we give a $150 discount for students signed up before May 20. Register now to take advantage of “early bird” pricing.


Don’t Be Late

Registration is due by July 1, 2018. If you wait until after that date, we’ll have to charge you a late fee.

(You don’t want that. We don’t want that. But in case you’re wondering, the late fee is $150.)

Ready to get started?